Moondrop Aria


>All-new aesthetics and design.

>Beautiful matte-finished cavities.

>10mm Dynamic driver unit with LCP Diaphragm.

>N52 strong neodymium magnet.

>Brass inner driver cavity.

>CCAW voice coil.

>High-frequency phased waveguide system.

>CNC Machined cavities.

>Impedance: 32 ohms.

>Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms.

>Frequency response: 5Hz-36kHz.

>Effective frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz.

Moondrop has revived its single DD Aria with an-all new design and aesthetics. Instead of simple bullet-styled earpieces, now the pair has matte-finished CNC machined metallic earpieces. They not only look beautiful and premium but also provide a comfortable fit with their ergonomic aesthetics.

Designed From The Ground Up:-

Moondrop has designed the latest Aria from the ground up. They have changed the simple bullet-styled earpieces to beautiful metallic ergonomic ear cavities for the new Aria. They have a premium matte-finish to them. Moondrop has made them using an industrial-grade CNC machining process providing an ultimate look and beautiful artwork style design to them.

Powerful Dynamic Driver With LCP Diaphragm:-

The Moondrop Aria features a large 10mm dual-cavity magnetic dynamic driver unit with LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm material. It produces brilliant acoustic performance with an excellent transient response, snappy lower-end, transparent vocals, and engaging treble frequencies. The pair complements different genres altogether and provides an excellent musical experience for its users.

Premium Driver Configuration:-

The Dynamic Driver inside Moondrop Aria is not a regular one. It is a specially designed dual-cavity magnetic DD unit with premium components such as an LCP diaphragm, strong N52 neodymium magnet,  Brass Inner Cavities, and a CCAW voice coil. All these components allow the pair to achieve high-resolution sound output with ultimate clarity and precision.

Professional Tuning:-

Aria has been tuned by professional acoustic engineers at Moondrop. They have provided a lively and engaging sound profile to the pair that complements different genres.

Newly-Designed High-Frequency Phase Waveguide System:-

The Moondrop Aria features a newly designed high-frequency phase waveguide system that effectively reduces the high-frequency phase interference and distortion making the treble response smooth and delicate.

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