EMI Terms


EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) Facility

EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) is one of the payment methods of online shopping, only for the customers using any of the accepted Credit Cards on boxtechs.com.bd.* It allows customers to pay for their ordered products in easy equal monthly installments.

boxtechs.com.bd has introduced a convenient option of choosing up to 36 months EMI facility for customers who use Credit Cards for buying specific items like mobile phones & tablets, laptops. The duration and extent of the EMI options available for a given product will be visible on the product’s view page. EMI plans are also viewable on the checkout page in the Payment Information section.


  • The minimum amount eligible for EMI is Tk. 5000 (Five Thousand Taka Only)
  • Up to 36 Months of installments are available depending on Banks
  • Partial payment of the total order is also eligible for EMI if the amount is minimum Tk. 5000 and above
  • SSL Commerz and Bank is responsible to provide the EMI Facility


About EMI

Easy Monthly Installment Payments

  • Monthly installment means: the total EMI price divided by the number of months allowed and opted for under the EMI facility.
  • EMI tenure means: the number of monthly installments to be paid.
  • EMI account holder means: subscriber of the EMI services.
  • EMI account means: sub-accounts/limits within the allowed credit limit to facilitate the transfer of a transaction from the card account to the installment account.
  • EMI price means: The purchase price of a product or transaction which is subject to transfer to an EMI account applicable to a specific offer for a specific duration of the installment plan.
  • ALL cards do not qualify for EMI. Please contact your bank to see if your card qualifies for EMI.
  • If a disqualifying card is used for EMI payment. Customer can not avail EMI on that purchase
  • The purpose of EMI is to enable the Cardmembers to purchase goods and services offered by merchants and transfer such transaction(s) to EMI using the limit available on his/her Credit Card and repay the amount of the purchase in monthly installments in accordance with this EMI terms and conditions.
  • EMI is available for primary Credit Cardmembers and shall only be offered to those card members who are abided by the credit card terms and conditions that meet the minimum transaction floor limit and has the required credit limit on his/her credit card account.
  • The card member shall pay the total EMI price at a 0% interest rate for the entire payment period in equal monthly installments.
  • The EMI terms and conditions may vary from one offer to another based on the nature of the offer and the duration of the installment plan opted by the cardmember.
  • If the cardmember is interested in availing of any offer under EMI, he/she may sign a specific form when he/she makes the purchase through the specific merchant/company.
  • Cardholders must comply with the payment procedure depending on the requirement of specific banks.
  • The convenience Fee of the EMI is not refundable.
  • Based on acceptance of the EMI transaction, the first EMI installment shall be billed to the cardmember in the immediate billing statement and subsequent EMI installments shall be billed every month thereafter until the EMI price is billed in full.

Using EMI as a Payment Method

If you want to purchase a product with EMI then simply follow these steps –

Step 1

  • Select the desired product
  • Click on “Buy Now” to view your Shopping Cart

Step 2

  • Check your order details on the “Shopping Cart” page.


EMI Charge & Processing Fees