About Us

Who we are?

A Gadget shop, born out of a love for gadgets. Operating online and offline, both as retailers and wholesalers. We just don’t do business here, we share what we love, and that’s of course gadgets!

What do we want to accomplish?

We want to achieve customer satisfaction, by providing them with the original products with the highest level of service.

*Our Vision- We want to make a positive mark in the Gadget industry of Bangladesh.


Why are we bringing distributorship?

We want to provide our customers original products. Which is why, having distributorship ensures our customers the authenticity of our products, with official warranty to make them happy.

How we see the future of Gadget Industry in Bangladesh?

Martin Luther King Jr. once said to a march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, that, “I Have a Dream”

As a visionary of Gadget and tech-savvy from a third world like Bangladesh, we also have a dream to make a revolution. The dream is so hard yet somehow possible to execute and we believed that.

But the job was difficult since our main focus isn’t on the niche market. We aimed to provide something unconventional and exclusive. For that goal, Box Techs already accomplished the honor of being the official distributor of TFZ, SMSL, Xduoo, Shanling and many more.

Since we introduce ourself as a gadget and accessories counterparts too, the job of providing hi-end gimble, smartwatch, action camera and other appliances also taken care of properly. So the main target is furnishing the view of customers toward gadgets into a different dimension.

Last but not the least, these days, everyone is connected by the internet, we took that liberty to enrich the acknowledgment of our clients to know where they are investing their money. Plenty of reviews, impressions, daily discussions and threads are available to our group. Our consumers can even have the audition before making any purchase as long as they want.

Building a family that shares the same love for gadgets was our primary objective and we are working on it.

Why Audio gears have a big segment in our product line up?

Let’s imagine you love music and you want the best listening experience. Or you are an Audio Engineer and you want to master your projects in best possible quality you can. What is the first thing you’ll need? Gears, for both having a music listening session or mastering your Audio projects you will need gears. But there’s plenty of them! Tons of brands and offerings. You search on the internet for the best value gears that matches your preferences and consult with someone who got experience in this field. So, you have done your research and have chosen your desired gears. All good to go, but wait! Probably most of the gears you have decided to buy isn’t available locally. You got to purchase them from abroad through anyone you know and wait for them to return to BD or you have to order them online through online services available to get you the product and wait for your product to get delivered to you. Most of the cases one need to spend more than the product actually might cost him/her. On the other hand wait for countless days for your product to get delivered to you. In Bangladesh we are getting used to these processes. Here in Bangladesh we got a very rich and growing audio community. More people are getting into Audio community as the time goes. But due to lack of quality audio gears availability some tends to cope with whatever available locally. Many avoids going for quality gears as they got to go through a lengthy process. The most risky thing about buying online and from abroad at the same time is one neither can check the product nor can easily avail warranty if anything goes sideways. That’s why here at Box Techs we are solely trying to fill that gap. So that people of Bangladesh can purchase quality gears locally after trying and testing, on the other hand can easily avail warranty without any bummer. Our aim is to help this community to grow even bigger and greater. Another benefit of having quality audio gears locally is more people will get interested in joining this community. There’s a lot of opportunities available untouched in this community and we are trying our best to make the spark into fire. So that others also get interested in investing in this area and we can have a healthy audio market place. That’s why Audio Gears have a big segment in our product line up.

How we aim to serve this audio community in BD?

Audio scene in Bangladesh is still taking its baby steps. There are very few shops that are serious about quality audio and the market is flooded with generic, cheap and generally horrid sounding crap from certain ‘brands.

The concept of official audio products is also almost unknown here but like any other electronic products, audio gears are susceptible to damage and manufacturing faults. We are introducing proper hifi brands with official warranty so that you can make you next big purchase without worrying about longevity.

We have already brought big names like Topping, Shanling, SMSL, Yulong, TFZ etc. and look forward to broaden our horizon even more in the coming days. We were also the first to introduce worldwide praised iems such as BLON BL03 and MH755 at but without charging any premium price. In fact, we provide products at much reasonable prices that are often cheaper than AliExpress sales and they are official too!

To ensure you don’t waste your money after something that does not suit your taste, we have kept almost all our offerings open for demo, even iems that can cost up to 14000 tk. We know the frustration that comes after blind purchase and we don’t want our customers to fall for the same.

In Box Techs, we value your ears and need for modern gadgets as much as we value ours. We treat our customers as family and view them as fellow audio connoisseurs. This is why we have gained appreciation and praise in BD audio community within a very short time and we aim to strengthen this bond even more in the future.

Happy Customers

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Fantastic product. Absolutely love my dress. Very quick delivery and ordering was fast and easy.
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