Hoco Cooling Towel

Hoco Cooling Towel

1 Material : Polyester

2 Specification: 30*100Cm

3 Weight: 45G

4 Taiwan Allcool Technology, Working When Contacting With Water (Cold Or Hot), Quickly Cooling

5 Soaking It In Saline Water For 1H After Purchase And Before Use To Prevent It From Fading

6 How To Use : Use It After Soaking It In Water, Wringing Excess Water Out, Unfolding It, And Swinging It For Several Times.

7 Colors : Blue , Fluorescent Green

৳ 550.00

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Cooling polyester towel Taiwan ALLCOOL technology 30*100cm for use in gym travel beach

1. Material: polyester.
2. Specification: 30*100cm.
3. Weight: 45g.
4. Taiwan ALLCOOL technology, working when contacting with water (cold or hot), quickly cooling.
5. Soaking it in saline water for 1hour after purchase and before use to prevent it from fading.
6. How to use: use it after soaking it in water, wringing excess water out, unfolding it, and swinging it for several times.


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