Zeblaze Crystal 2

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Main Features:
See the heart rate chart, optimize fitness: Get continuous, automatic and accurate monitoring of the heart rate on your wrist with crystal 2. During exercise, check your heart rate chart in real time to analyze fat burning and optimize the intensity and timing of exercise.
Grow healthier: Monitor sleep quality, help you make better decisions. Use crystal 2 while you sleep, you can automatically record your sleep, you can also see the duration of sleep and more data in the app.
Make life easier: Check your calls, messages and date reminders on your wrist with crystal 2. Wake up with the silent alarm greetings. Reminders are sent for all times to remind you to stay active and keep moving toward your goals.
Shorten the loading time: There are 24 hours a day, so you need a 24-hour watch. Crystal 2 waits until 5 – 7 days, tracks all its activities.
Better resistance to water: Designed for a variety of demanding sports environments, Crystal 2 can prevent sweat during strenuous exercise with the IP67 waterproof and dustproof design.
Compatible with more smart phones: Automatically syncs to more than 200 Android and iPhone devices. Statistics and exercise status show on the digital screen “WearHealth”


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