xDuoo XQ-23 APTX HiFi Audiophile Portable Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier


Bluetooth version: 4.1

Distortion: <0.01%

Maximum communication distance: About 10 meters in sight

Adaptation impedance: 16~100Ω

Bluetooth audio coding: SBC, MP3, AAC, aptX

SNR: ≥95dB (A weight)

Output power: 32mW ( 32Ω Load 1KHz/THD+N<1%)

Battery life: ≥5H

Charging time: <1H


xDuoo XQ-23


৳ 4,000.00

60-Days Protection

Money back guarantee

24/7 Guarantee

Support guarantee

Easy Payment

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Portable Bluetooth Earphone Amp XQ-23

3.5 Phone Port is history, please save your expensive wired earphone

We Value Your Wired Earphone

We understand how fragile the tiny adapter is you got for your precious earphone, and how easily you may lose it. And it’s a shame if you have to give up on using your favorite earphone on your phone. XQ-23 can help you out, connect it with your phone through BT, and connect your earphone to it, everybody is happy!

Charging while Enjoying music

Have you realized you are not allowed to charge and enjoy music at the same time on your new smart phone? But with XQ-23, you can transfer lossless BT signal without occupying the charging port. Trust me, the sound quality is even better.

Ultimate Portable

The size of a USB Disk, can fit in any pockets on your cloths, bags, pants.

The size of a USD Disk, the weight of feather

High performance professional DAC decoder chip

Enjoy the CD class sound quality

The DAC decoder chip uses the Wolfson WM8955 as the decoder chip, which can guarantee the enjoyment of CD class sound quality.

Even if it is Bluetooth playback, connecting XQ-23 with your own HIFI headset is better than a Bluetooth headset, reducing the repeated investment of your money.

USB DAC Function

Use as USB DAC when connected with PC, improve the sound quality. Plug and play, very convenient to use. So you still can enjoy the high quality music, no matter you are in the office, on the travel or on the trip.

Noise Reducing Mic

One key to answer, crystal vocal

Using the high performance digital receiver chip Qualcomm Bluetooth CSR8670 chip, CSR has exclusive CVC vocal pickup and denoise functions, let the built-in microphone’s vocal quality can compare with the mobile phone. At the same time, it supports APTX digital signal transmission and lossless format, so that the transmission of sound signal is more stable.

Support two devices at the same time

Music & Gaming does not interfere with each other

XQ23 Bluetooth 4.1 version, can connect with two devices at the same time. If you have an IPHONE, an IPAD, you want to use IPHONE to pick up the phone, while using IPAD to enjoy music, you will need an XQ23.

Real time, Battery check

It is compatible with IOS and Android system devices. It supports IOS phones and parts of Android mobile to check XQ-23 power, control XQ-23 usage time easily, and avoid inconvenience due to power consumption.

Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad

Using trichromatic LED

The working state is clear at a glance

Connected state – Blue LED on

Low Power – Red LED blinks

Playing – Blue to Green breathing cycle

Convenient Key Operation

Why would you want to look?

Independent circular designed buttons, can easily switch on / off, play / pause, answer / hang up the phone, control volume / changing songs, as an external operation remote.

Medal Shell

In the age of great beauty, the use of Aluminum Alloy shell after serval processes of CNC high precision machining, cover with high hardness glass, solid and good-looking.


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