Xduoo TA-10 AK4490 XMOS USB DSD DAC 12AU7 Tube Headphone Amplifier AUX Input USB Digital Interface


Power supply: external electricity(AC100-240V)

Support systems: Win7, Win8, Win10, WinXP, Win2000(need to install the driver software), Apple Mac OSX system does not need to install the driver software.

Sampling rate support: USB input

PCM: 16-32Bit/44.1-384kHz

DSD: DSD64-256(1Bit/2.8-11.2M)

DXD: 24-32Bit/352.8-384kHz

Output power: Phone: 2000mW(32ohm); XLR: 2000mW(32ohm)

Frequency response: 10Hz-100kHz(±1dB)

Gain: +18dB

Distortion: ≤0.01%(1kHz, 32ohm load)

Suitable headphone impedance: 8-600ohm

Size: 23*12*105cm

Weight: 1.5kg


xDuoo TA-10

Power cable

USB cable

Driver CD

৳ 23,500.00

60-Days Protection

Money back guarantee

24/7 Guarantee

Support guarantee

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Enjoy pure high quality analog flavor, applicable for computers, multimedia devices

Professional & rich audio interfaces, can connect with all kinds of professional audio equipment

A variety of input interfaces to make our match more abundant. Can be uses as an amp or separately or with other equipment to form a balanced HiFi system.

USB digital input interface, can be connected with computer and notebook

No matter playing what kind of digital music format, TA-10 can make the computer turned into a good digital player, so that our music experience can be more pleasant.


Use USB OTG cable, connected to cellphone or player, which have USB OTG function for USB DAC, convenient and more fun!

Excellent digital-to-analog conversion

Professional PCHIFI build, greatly enhanced computer sound quality, so that you can listen to better quality music. To ensure that the music signal frequency, loundness and playback time is accurate and the detail is complete. Sound quality is as pure as 21 layer purified water.

Dual clock system, effectively reduce the signal jitter and the delay of digital-analog conversion

Dual transistors work under the 44.1k and 48k and their multiple sampling rates. Digital to analog signal to noise ratio up to 123dB and ultra-low distortion(0.000015%). Help to achieve maximum transient and dynamic range. Faithfully restore the high quality of the live scene.

Pure balance analog flavor, clever combination of “tube” and “transistor”

From the input to the output, all using balanced transmission mode, the balance output can vibrate the headphones diaphragm better, so to greatly enhance the music sound field dynamic and get more pure musical instruments sound and wonderful vocal performance.

Classic tube 12AU7

As a preamplifier, it makes vocal sound more vivid, and shows the natural details of the breathing, while the back-end class A expansion of the transistor to effectively provide high voltage power supply of ±15V. Making a strong reserve power, you can easily drive 8-600ohm, high resistance or low resistance headphones.

Customized capacitance, sound crystal, sweet, supple sound

Customized metallized polyester capacitors electron tube 12AU7 as the output capacitance, Japan ELNA SILMC(II) professional capacitors as coupling capacitors. A variety of HIFi capacitors bring gorgeous high-frequency warm and beautiful sensing.

Exquisite appearance, strong and durable/anti-interference ability

The xDuoo TA-20 shell is made of aluminum alloy, effectively reduce the faulty signal. Removable aluminum alloy tube guardrail effectively protects the tube from accidental damage.

Size of A5 paper

Can take full advantage of effective space, and saves desktop space, easy with the computer, notebook with the formation of PCHIFI system.


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