TRN T4 8 Core OCC Copper cable

    18 strands per core, 144 strands in total
    Specialized high-temperature molds to draw copper
    Improves signal transmission quality
    Carbon-fiber Encased Jack.


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8 Core 6N OCC Upgraded Cable

TRN T4 is one of your best choice for replacement cable. It’s made of high-purity 8-core OCC copper, 18 strands per core, 144 strands in total. It’s not only a budget cable but also for your HiFi needs, since it’s audiophile-grade

What’s the Sound Difference with this Cable?

Engineered to deliver exceptionally neutral sound, tight, powerful bass and engaging midrange with clean and extended highs. Hear more deeply and feel more connected to music than ever before. The 6N OCC copper cable brings ultra neutral tonal balance with unsurpassed speed and transparency

Material is Everything.

T4 brings noteworthy improvements while also retains musicality true to the source. It uses specialized high-temperature molds to draw copper into a long single-crystal structure, ensuring the least possible oxides content as well as other impurities. Coupled with premium dielectrics and TRN’s proprietary winding geometries resulting in fuller and more detailed sound that immerses the listener in the music

Hand-woven to Perfection.

6N OCC copper that improves signal transmission quality, encased in stretch-resistant polyurethane outer sleeve. Geometrically-woven to reduce microphonics, nonetheless retaining flexibility and pliability for easy coiling

Carbon-fiber Encased Jack

Specially-constructed progressive pressure-contact connector eliminates structure born and air-born noise, surface oxidation as well as magnetostriction. TRN T4 is a non-magnetic alloy cable with Y-split and chin-slider. All materials are ensured to be sourced from non-magnetic, you will be able to enjoy the transparent and smooth sound r


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