Unit: 11.4mm double magnetism, double cavity, double voice coil, diamond diaphragm, Tesla magnetic group (3rd gen upgrade driver)

Magnet material: NdFeB N50

Diaphragm material: diamond diaphragm

Frequency response range: 5Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 24ohm

Sensitivity: 107dB/mW

Cable: 2pin 0.78mm detachable cable




৳ 5,500.00

60-Days Protection

Money back guarantee

24/7 Guarantee

Support guarantee

Easy Payment

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3rd Gen upgrade driver

Double cavity, double voice coil, diamond diaphragm, Tesla magnetic group

Patent dynamic driver, warm and durable

Up to 6 acoustic and quality tests with rich and exquisite details.

Accurate ergonomic design

Soft silicone material, ergonomic design

Wear soft and comfortable, enjoy music more freely

The M1U-inside is even different in every aspect

The third generation unit has strong power and violent quality, making each piece more distinct in detail, full, thick and sweet in voice, precise in instrument positioning, solid and deep in low frequency, and suitable for more musical styles of classical instrument rock.

HiFi acoustic curve

Triple frequency equalization.

The new driver has greatly increased, the density and thickness of the sound

With professional player or HiFi mobile phone front end, experience onsite cinematic sound effects.

0.78mm double instering needle, silver-plated Oxygen-free copper

HD signal transmission, the sound quality is clean and undamaged.

Exquisite workmanship, comfortable and stable

The design is ergonomic, comfortable and stable to wear, and comfortable to use indoors and outdoors.

The sound becomes more refined


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