Technical specification unit: energy of 12mm double magnetic circuit two divided-frequency graphene dynamic

Impedance: 55Ω

Sensitivity: 108dB/mW

Frequency response: 5-40 kHz

Cable specification: 0.78mm silver plated detachable cable

Shell process: imported high strength PC + metal varnish spraying




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TFZ 2019 MY Love Edition Dynamic Driver 2pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear Earphone


The powerful KING PRO driver shows the incredible wonderful to you again

KING PRO story

Reference level acoustic design

The magnetic flux energy output over a tesla

Three – frequency equalization is extremely resistant to hearing the vast sound field

Many times won the VGP award in Japan

It is well received in over 30 countries and regions

Once again, the patented dual magnetic circuit two divided-frequency graphene has great potential and will be to show extraordinary talents on the new product of MY LOVE EDITION in 2019.

A good cable is very important, a huge improvement in showing the strength of the KING PRO unit

Collection of qualify color and flowing light and color of each song.

Product highlights

A new generation of MY LOVE series collection souvenir version

Continuous optimization won VGP award 2.5 generation KING PRO reference unit

Upgrade new craft more shining, durable as new

Smooth transition between different music styles

High quality 0.78mm silver plated detachable cable design

Excellent potential, recommend high-quality audio source and high-quality front-end input



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