Tempotec Sonata USB Type-C To 3.5mm Portable Headphone Amplifier Dongle

S/N Ratio: 114dB.
Dynamic Range:114dB.
Output Power: 2*60 mW /32 Ohms.
Resolution 16/24bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192KHz.
Working Current: 50 mA.
Digital Port: TYPE-C.
Analog Port: 3.5mm, Headset mic supported.
Support OS: Windows / MacOSX /Android.

USB Type-C to 3.5mm Hi-Res audio converter. Connect your phone digitally Built-in high-quality DAC chip. Fully enhance the quality of mobile phones while providing excellent headset drive capability. Support the global output of mobile phones, in cooperation with p professional player software to achieve 24bit-192KHZ HD capability.
Three modes for the better hearing experience. Three optional firmware modes are available: Calling priority firmware, Tone quality priority firmware and Pure music mode firmware. It can be upgraded for the better fit of various mobile phones.
Hi-Res Certificated. The product has passed the Hi-Res Certification, can support up to 24-bit/192kHz HD audio, signal to noise ratio reach up to 114dB, enhance the sound quality 3 times than ordinary mobile phones.
99.9999% single crystal pure copper cable. Using 4-Core 6N single crystal copper Hi-Fi headphone cable, offer high-quality transmission and also durable.

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TempoTec Sonata HD is an audio dongle. It is a tiny portable cable that can deliver high-resolution audio. It connects the device, be it a laptop or smartphone with the headphones and enhances the audio quality.

About TempoTec Sonata HD

USB Type-C Audio Converter

Built-in with high-quality DAC chip, this audio dongle makes the best of headset capacities. To achieve 24bit-192KHZ HD capability, connect with the professional player software. Connect your device digitally.

Three modes for better hearing experience

To enhance the device’s sound quality, it has three different modes. One can switch to a particular model and have it in own way.
It has 3.5mm input is TRRS which supports headphones with microphones. Besides boosting music quality, you can use the cable for calls.

  • Calling priority firmware – This firmware prioritizes the calling options.
  • Sound priority firmware- This firmware handles the sound system for the best.
  • Pure music priority firmware- This firmware enhances the audio but no calling option is available in this mode.

Hi-Res Certificated of TempoTec Sonata HD

TempoTec Sonata HD can enhance the sound quality 3 times better than its normal capacities. The product has achieved a high-resolution certificate.
Design and built quality

The crystal pure copper cable is durable and supports the best transition. The cable has a black TPU coating and a black TPU coating. On one side, there is the cable with a single-ended headphone out. On the other side, you will find the DAC/AMP chip where you connect the USB type- C.

Sound Quality of TempoTec Sonata HD

The Sonata cable has a relatively neutral and transparent tone. It is good at highlighting the upper-mid and treble range.

Bass:- The bass is dependent on the device itself. The cable does not contribute to the bass performance.
Upper Midrange:- Emphasis on the upper-midrange makes female voice spacious and clear without any intrusion.
The upper midrange sounds pretty controlled and well balanced. It has more than average detail and control level.
Lower Midrange:- Although the Sonata HD dongle slightly lacks lower midrange depth. The vocals are not really remarkable but the male vocals are quite clear and detailed.

The Sonata HD cable works well with instruments rather with a thicker tonality. It presents instruments without any muddliness.
It has a treble sharpness and speed. The TempoTec Sonata has a good extension and detail.
The TempoTec Sonata HD has a moderate level of sound depth and spacious soundstage presentation.

Pros of TempoTec Sonata HD

  • Above all, the cable is so small and lightweight. You can slip it into a pocket and you won’t feel anything.
  • The price of TempoTec Sonata HD is quite reasonable too.
  • Although it’s tiny, it is best at its job. It can boost the audio quality 3 times better than the original audio quality.
  • Many users say that it is great for emphasizing on Vocal and Instrument performance.
  • The dongle is apt for both Android and Apple devices.


  • Drains the battery percentage of the connected device faster than usual.
  • No particular volume control.
  • How to use the TempoTec Sonata HD
  • By default, the dongle is one either A or C model. To get the best out of your device, switch to D mode
  • Connect the cable with your PC
  • Switch to SONATA _HD-D_Pure music firmware
  • Your device will show VID and PID after a while then click on the flash
  • You can use the HibyMusic app to connect with Sonata HD DAC cable.
  • Enjoy HD quality music by setting the quality to max 24bit|192kHz.


TempoTec Sonata HD is a reasonably priced audio dongle that works without charging. The product is sure to satisfy users who want to enhance music quality without buying new headphones or gadgets.


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