SMSL SD-793II Coax/Optical Input DAC Headphone Amplifier


Signal Input : Optical, Coaxial

Signal Output : RCA 2 Channel Output

Digital Receiver : DIR9001

DAC Chip : PCM1793

OPA2134 and WIMA caps

Print : Laser Carve

Case : Aluminum

Power supply : DC9V

Technical indicators

Input interfaces: coaxial / Optical (with switch)

Input Frequency: 44.1,48,96 KHZ/16/24BIT

SNR:> 113db

Dynamic Range: 105db

Distortion: 1KHZ% 0.0006 following

Rated output: 1.7VPP

Frequency response :20-20KHz (-0.2 dB)

Total power <8W

Earphone output power: 65mW @ 16Ω; 130mW @ 32Ω

Headphone output distortion: 0.01% THD + N _AT_ 100mW/32Ω

Machine size: 128 * 77 * 35mm (including protruding parts)

Weight: 0.5Kg

Voltage: 100-240ACV global power

User Guide

Connect Input, Output cable, Power on with (DC12V) power adapter

Switch on

Press input switch to shift optical & Coaxial input as necessary


Power Switch — On / Off

Input Switch — Optical / Coaxial

Indicator LED

Power — Power On

Signal — Light on means no signal

Input — Optical / Coaxial input ( 2 color )


SMSL SD-793II(Black)
Power supply (110/220V)
English Manual

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SMSL SD-793 II using the current top digital receiver chip DIR9001, the maximum signal reception 24bit/96K.

DIR9001 the industry’s lowest jitter digital audio receiver. DAC decoding using the world’s best D / A decoder chip one of the PCM1793 (192K/24BIT of digital to analog converter chip).


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