Moondrop SSR In-Ear Earphone

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  • High resolution sound performance relies on reliable materials—-Berlium plated High ridityldamping factor fexible Polyurethane diaphragm UlItra ightweight CCAW low impedance coll N52 external magnet circuit
  • Rigid amorphous metal alloy housing—-Single casted amorphous metal aly grants high tensile strength and stability. After further strengthened by screws, this product’s sturdiness becomes unprecedented in our product lineup.
  • Silver plated OFC removable cable—-SSR uses standard 0.78mm 2pin connectors with silver “thick plated” OFC wires with transparent, highly elastic wrapping.
  • Quality headphones that are Falthful to Recording—-SSR remain faithful to the original recording, aiming for authentic pure sound with undlecorated bass and reference treble.
  • Redlesigned Anti clogging fiter/dlamper—-To fix that we developed a new triple layer anti clogging filter/damper. It effectively reduces risk of clogging issues that end with volume imbalance.

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Specification Details:

Frequency Response:
20-40000Hz(% Inch Free field MIc)
mpedance l6Ω@lkHz
Housing Material: Liquid Metal Aloy HousIng
Dlaphragm: Berllum-Coated dome+PU suspension Ring
Coil: 0.035mm – CCAW (Daikoku)
Magnet: N52-High Density Magnetic Circu
Acoustic Fiter Platented Ant-blocking Filter
Cable: Silver Plated 4N-Litz OFC
Connectors: 0.78 -2pin

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