Moisturizing Car Humidifier

Key Words

  • Noise: 36db-45db
  • Vehicle Power Supply
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Water-shortage Power-off Protection

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Baseus Moisturizing Car Humidifier 300ml Alloy Air Humidifier Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser for Home Office Car

BuyBaseus Moisturizing Car Humidifier 300ml Alloy Air Humidifier Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser for Home Office Car online in Bangladesh from Pure water essential oil is not supported. Please add tap water or mineral water. (Chemicals in essential oils easily paralyze the fog outlet block) 2: Large tilt use should not be allowed to prevent leakage from damaging the product.


  • When Driving, Body Moisture is Decreasing Every Second!!
    According to survey, when driving, the humidity of more than 75% of the large and small cars are seriously below standard, which is less than
    35% RH. This is not only related to the climate, but more importantly, the air-conditioning wind flowing inside the car will take a lot more water
    than usual, and various health problemswill be triggered.
  • In 30 Minutes
    Feed Your Skin with a Glass of Water
    Nano-fine spray, moisturize pores, instantly relieve the body dryness and shine every inch of skin.
  • Not Wetting the Car No Fogging
    1.7 million high-frequency vibration, the newly upgraded ceramic atomizing film vibrates in high frequency, atomizes water into 1~5 micron
    particles, and erupts instantaneously. It does not trap water drops, and there is no fogging on the windshield
  • Increase Humidity in  the Car by 40%
    Leather interior will not crack, the spraying amount is up to 45ml/h, which can fully enhance air humidity inside the car in a short time, and moisturize the air and better protect the leather interior.

Baseus car air humidifier, 300mL large capacity, designed for car humidification.

1.7 million high-frequency vibration, do not wet the vehicle, no steam

New upgraded metal spray sheet, high-frequency oscillation atomizes water into 1 ~ 5 micron particles, and the amount of mist is up to 45 ml / h, which can quickly increase the humidity in the car and better protect the interior skin of a car

Two-Humidification Equipment, Air Conditioning Partner

Two-humidification equipment, continuous / intermittent humidification mode is provided, easy air transport with different humidity to human body.

300ml large capacity, no need to add water in 7 days

300mL large capacity, long-term use, no need to add water in 7 days.

Dual, real dry protection and fire resistance

Built-in physical test, when the amount of water is too low or after continuous humidity for 6 hours, it will automatically shut off to protect the product.

Visible water level, should not blindly assume the water volume

Transparent water bar is easily reserved to check the water level and add water in time.

180 ° Dump test, not afraid of leaking in car bumps

Built-in silicone seal, no water leakage when tilted 180 degrees

Instructions for use

Instructions for adding water:

1. Release the bottom cover from the bottom product clockwise. (Character)

2. Add tap water or mineral water and tighten it clockwise. (Character)

3. Connect the power cord and place the vapor in the cup holder car. (Character)

Switching equipment:

1: Press the switch, turn on the continuous spray mode, the light is usually on

2: Press the switch again, switch to steam mode alternately, and the light is breathing state

3: Press the switch for the third time and turn off the humidifier

4: Long press for 2 seconds, turn the breathing lamp on / off


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