Brand: Linsoul
Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, RF
Special Feature: Microphone, Sports-and-exercise, Sweat-proof, Water-resistant, Noise-Canceling, Android

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1.APTX-HD Bluetooth module upgrade cable is more powerful than APTX’s bluetooth performance.Symmetrical design balanced wear and comfortable.
2.The recognized strong in the industry expensive but worthwhile. Limited by the high price of the CSR8675 bluetooth chip, it is rarely seen in the market, and the high price is due to its overwhelming performance.
3.130mah battery capacity lasts for 8 hours. Just need 2 hours for charging.
4.Rejecting slow delay,stable bluetooth connection performance.It has 3 seconds fast connection, excellent return connection speed and stronger anti-jamming ability.The clock speed of the 120mhz level of dsphas powerful operation ability and reduces the delay of signal transmission.
5.Industrial grade ceramic antenna, bluetooth receiving sensitivity more better with industrial ceramic antenna, rf radio frequency is more stable and audio signal transmission gain, at the same time, the noise figure of the receiving circuit such as the sound amplifier or the mixer is reduced, so that the bluetooth receiving sensitivity is better.

Weight: 14g+-3g
Version: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery capacity:130mAh
Stand by time: up to 100hr
Line length:95cm+-3cm
Pin Type:0.75mm
Working Time: up to 8 hr
Charging time: up to 2 hr
Chip type:CSR8675
Fit for earphone type:
B Pin for KZ-ZST/ZS10/AS10/BA10/AS06/ES4/ZSR


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