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Four Electrostatic, Two Balanced Armatures, and One Dynamic Driver, Providing Rich Music Details:

In Kinera Baldr We have used a hybrid seven driver unit technology on each side featuring one dynamic driver, two balanced armature drivers, and four electrostatic drivers on each side. The low-frequency is handled by Kinera’s 7mm strong magnetic micro dynamic driver unit. Mids are handled by two Knowles specially tuned drivers. While the treble portion is handled by four EST65QB02 electrostatic units.

Dual Knowles Balanced Armature Driver Units:

The Kinera Baldr is equipped with Knowles composite double acting balanced armature customize unit, which enhances the vocal tone and solidity. These drivers ensures users get high resolution sound, distinct layers, and pure full-detailed sound with natural tonality.

Sonion High Frequency Electrostatic Units:

Equipped with four EST65QB02 Sonion electrostatic units, the Kinera Baldr produces beautiful rich music details and transparent treble portion. These four EST drivers weighs only 1.48gms with built-in micro transformers these can be driven easily. The EST drivers provides smooth extensions and details never heard before.

Powerful Dynamic Driver Unit for a Realistic and Powerful Lower End:

The dynamic driver unit features strong magnetic micro-moving coil, the motive force is N52 high magnetic flux ring magnetic steel. The driver unit has PU mixed material that improves the low frequency depth, high polymer fiber increases the tension strength, the analytical power.

Precise Frequency Division To Provide Distortion Free Sound Output:

The Kinera Baldr has an acoustic three-way design that provides perfect connection between the different driver units. The pair shows no distortion and provides accurate frequency division of the high, mids, and lows frequency bands. The overall curve connection is smooth. The frequency response range is from 5Hz to 40KHz.

Universal 0.78mm Two-Pin connectors:

The Kinera Baldr has universal 0.78mm Two-Pin connectors interface with different cables with different termination plugs. Cables are made up of 5N gold-plated single crystal copper. The cables consists of four strands total of 196 cores. The outer skin on the cables is comfortable, soft, transparent, and environment friendly golden luster. Termination plugs are made up of gold-plated copper material.At the same time, an adapter (pure copper gold plated) 3.5 to 6.35 and an aircraft plug (made of aluminum alloy, nice and durable, strong anti-interference ability) convenient to use the earphone during flight

Oakwood Earshells, Let the Danish God Of Light Illuminate Your Heart:

The earpieces in Kinera Baldr are made up of premium Oakwood. Oak tree is regarded as a symbol of tough quality. It is made with 16 special processes and has a strong stable build that doesn’t deform, crack, or lose its color. Each IEM has a unique natural wood grain apperance, just as there are no two identical leaves in the world there will be no two identical earpieces of Kinera Baldr.

Break Through Structural Limitations, Small Bodies Can Also Release Large Energy:

Breaking through the structural limitations of small sized earphones, combining the ease of driving of the electrostatic unit with the high resolution of the balanced armature unit and the natural and loud advantages of the dynamic driver. Seven units are fitted into such a compact cavity, And adopts parallel placement that can effectively use the space.

Designed To Be Worn Around The Ear For A Comfortable Fit:

The Kinera Baldr is designed to be worn around the ear. The earshells are ergonomic and light weight, making the earphones very comfortable to wear. It just provides the best comfort, You won’t even notice them in your ears even if you wear them for long time.

Strict Quality Checking:
The Kinera Baldr goes through dozens of strict quality tests. Thousands of test frequencies just to turn your worries into peace.

Bundled With A lot Of Accessories, Surprises For You Everywhere:

The Kinera Baldr comes with alot of accessories providing you the flagship experience. In addition to delivereing 3.5mm and 2.5mm cables and a variety of conversion adapters, It also has 11 pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes,including 5 sets of Final eartips in different sizes. The pair also has a leather earphone carry case with a first class texture.


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