Hoco M19

HOCO is a modern and high quality premium brand from Korea which is covering a wide range of the most important accessoriesfor mobile phones and mobile devices . All Hoco products combines the reliability and durability, which managed to get through attention to the selection of the highest quality materials and components. HOCO products has bright and original design and technical solutions, which makes these products unique, and it will surprise You and will be usefull for use.

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1. Material: ABS, TPE enameled wire.
2. Length: 1.2m.
3. Weight: 12g.
4. Speaker: 10mm.
5. Sensitivity: 95dB±3dB.
6. Impedance: 16Ω±15%.
7. Frequency response: 20-20000Hz.
8. Jack: 3.5mm.
9. Microphone: controller with microphone.
10. Line control: single key for control.



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