HiBy W3 HiFi Headphone Amplifier

  • All-round Bluetooth codecs support: Including Hi-Res UAT/LDAC/aptX/aptX HD/aptX LL/AAC/SBC in BT 5.0 standard, bring you an extreme wireless HiFi experience.(Only supports Bluetooth receiving)
  • Powerful hardware combo: Utilizing the premium CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 chip and separate AK4377 DAC+Amp chip, HiBy W3 Bluetooth headphone amplifier can bring you wireless Hi-Fi lossless audio quality.
  • Multiple connection methods: HiBy W3 HiFi headphone amp also supports USB DAC function through USB Type-C port(Only supports USB Audio In), which is plug-and-play on all devices, and one-touch NFC pairing.
  • Supporting 192kHz audio wirelessly: UAT (Ultra Audio Transmission) is a Hi-Res Bluetooth codec independently researched and developed by HiBy Music. Supporting an industry-first 192kHz sample rate and 1.2Mbps bitrate.

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HiBy W3 Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier

Physical Specifications

Bluetooth chipset CSR8675
DAC AK4377
Bluetooth specification Bluetooth 5.0, supports UAT/LDAC/aptX/aptX HD/aptX LL/SBC/AAC
Bluetooth reception range 10 metres
Control interface Buttons and voice prompts
Status indicators Blue and red LED
Microphone Supported
Headphone port 3.5mm
Battery 320mAh
Battery life 11.5 hours playtimes (playing AAC), 100 hours standby time
Weight 19.5g
Dimensions 58.82mm*25.60mm*15.80mm (including shirt clip)

Audio Specifications

Output voltage (32Ω load) 1Vrms
Output power (32Ω load) 32mW+32mW(THD<1%)
Frequency response (±3dB) 20Hz-90kHz (via UAT decoding)
Noise floor (A-weighted) 1.1µV
SNR (A-weighted) 118dB
LDAC THD+N (A-weighted) 0.003%
UAT THD+N (A-weighted) 0.002%
SBC THD+N (A-weighted) 0.04%

Technical Support for W3 – FAQ

1. How do I pair with my phone when using W3 for the first time?

A: When pairing with W3 for the first time, please wear the headphone or earphone first, and then follow the voice guidance: –First ensure that W3 is not turned on, and then press the power button for about 5 seconds. After the voice prompt [Pairing] or [Waiting to connection], turn on the Bluetooth of the phone and search for W3 to connect or pair.

2. My phone displays [Reject pairing], what should I do?

A: When the phone displays [Reject pairing], it means that W3 has not turned on [Pairing] or [Waiting to connection]. Please press the power button for about 5 seconds, and wait for the voice prompt [Pairing] or [Waiting to connection] again.

3. How does my W3 pair with 2 different devices?

A: First, please press the power button of W3 for about 5 seconds to enter the [Pairing] mode, and then pair with Device A. After the voice prompts that the pairing is successful, turn off the Bluetooth of device A and W3, and then press the power button again to re-enter [Pairing] mode to pair with device B. After the voice prompts that the pairing is successful, turn on the Bluetooth of device A again. At this time W3 will automatically connect to device A.

4. Use wired headphones to connect W3 to listen to music, it will automatically pause?

A: W3 will automatically detect if the headphones are connected properly. If not, W3 will automatically pause.

5. Does W3 support USB Type-C headphones? Does it support headphone wire control?

A: W3 does not support USB Type-C headphones, because W3 only supports USB Audio In, not USB Audio Out. W3 does not support headphone wire control.

6. Can I use the W3’s microphone for recording?

A: Sorry.W3’s microphone is only available for calls (phone calls, WeChat voice, etc.).

7. Does W3 have play/pause button? How to skip songs?

A: Yes.You can press the power button briefly to play/pause.And you can hold the volume+ button to skip to last track or hold the volume- button to skip to next track. Under the UAT protocol, the volume is controlled by the HiBy Music APP, and the volume adjustment elsewhere is invalid.

8. Does W3 support volume memory?

A: Yes, volume memory is supported (W3 will record the volume when the last device played).

9. HiBy Blue app shows W3 connected, but no sound from headphones (headphones are working fine)?

A: You can try the following methods:

1. Press the W3 volume+ button to turn the volume to the maximum.

2. Set the HiBy Blue app volume fine-tuning to 0dB, and hardware volume gain set to high.

3. Shut down W3 and leave it for 1 minute or more, then reconnect.

4. If not working, you can replace another phone and repeat the above steps.


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