Gustard U16

  • Using the latest USB audio interface solution ES8620 from ESS, USA.
  • Support PCM 32bit/768KHz , DSD512, DoP and Native DSD.
  • Built-in audio dedicated toroidal transformer.
  • A 128MB SDRAM is used as the system buffer and digital audio processing FIFO
  • An FPGA is used to implement the USB audio interface master IC running in the Slave mode.

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Product description

Product specifications
Digital input:
USB port: USB Type-B female port, support USB2.0
10M BNC input: input impedance 50 Ohm, maximum input amplitude 16dBm

Digital output:
RCA coaxial S/PDIF port: output impedance 75 Ohm, output level 500mVpp @75 Ohm load
24bit 44.1k-384k/DOP64-128

XLR AES3 port: output impedance 110 Ohm, output level 2.1Vpp @110 Ohm load
24bit 44.1k-384k/DOP64-128

OPTICAL TOSLINK port: 24bit 44.1k-192k /DOP64

Multi-function BNC port:
output impedance 75 Ohm, S/PDIF output level:750mVpp @75 Ohm load
Word Clock output level:3.3Vpp MAX @ noload
S/PDIF support specification (when S/P OUT is selected): 24bit 44.1k-384k/DOP64-128
Word Clock output frequency (when WCK OUT is selected): PCM: 44.1k-768k.
DSD: 2.82M-22.57M

IIS over HDMI interface (non-standard HDMI interface):
differential I2S signal with LVDS output level,
PCM: 32bit 44.1k-768k, DSD 2.82M-22.57M (DSD64-DSD512)

Other specifications
AC power supply: AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: <15W
Dimensions: width 220mm * height 50mm * depth 170mm (without protruding parts)
Weight: 2.5Kg (including packaging)


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