Gustard H16 Pre-Amplifier

  • Abundant headphone jacks, convenient to connect to different headphone single-ended 6.35, balanced 4.4, balanced 3.5pro, balanced XLR.
  • The matrix relay volume is used to ensure the same volume on the left and right, so there is no need to worry about noise bias over time.
  • Use FPGA to program human-computer interaction system, remote control volume, can be used at current level.
  • Use OPA1642 and OPA1678 to match impedance to facilitate different front-end compatibility, not picking signals Three-stage gain adjustment to adapt to headphones with different impedances. The pre-amplification and drive circuit adopts the combination of LME49722+LME49724.
  • Single-ended and balanced are designed separately, completely independent circuit. Single-ended and balanced at the same time have high-power output, enough to drive most common headphones. Built-in linear power supply, high-quality audio dedicated toroidal transformer

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Product description

Product specifications
Analog input:
One set of RCA standard input,typical input sensitivity:2Vrms; input impedance 4.7kΩ
One set of XLR balanced input, typical input sensitivity:+18dBu maximum + 26dBu;input impedance 10kΩ

Preamplifier analog output(XLR on the rear panel):
Frequency response: 20-80kHz/-0.1dB
Signal to noise ratio:120dB
Channel crosstalk:-120dB@1kHz THD+N:<0.0004%

Headphone output (front panel output):
Single port output impedance(6.35mm): 0.1Ω
Balance port output impedance(XLR 4 PIN, TRS4.4,3.5PRO):0.2Ω
Frequency response: 20-80kHz/-0.1dB
Signal to noise ratio:>118dB
Channel crosstalk:-118dB@1kHz
THD+N(1KHz):<0.0005%@3700mW into 640 LOAD
IMD: <0.0005% @3700mW into 640 LOAD
Maximum undistorted output power 3700mW into 64Ω LOAD balanced output

Load power (balanced output, high gain):
64Ω 3700mW
150Ω 2268mW
300Ω 1133mW
600Ω 566mW

Other specifications:
AC Power supply: AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz
Power consumption:<20W
Weight: 2.5Kg


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