Gustard C18

  • This high-performance audio clock C18 is equipped with an ultra-low noise oscillation core, Advanced signal generation, transmission, distribution and driving.
  • The C18 product uses an ultra-low noise oven-controlled crystal oscillator specially optimized for audio as the oscillation core, and the overall performance is significantly improved compared to the C16 product. It makes music playback have more recording details, more realistic on-site. restoration, more realistic instrument expression and more beautiful sound performance.
  • The GDRV-P1 high-performance low-loss driver not only maintains a low phase noise output, but also outputs two signals of square wave and sine wave at the same time, which is convenient for connecting different back-end equipment.
  • Discrete components are connected in series with voltage stabilizing circuit, with low ripple, low temperature drift and fast response speed. Multi-channel hierarchical voltage stabilization, small crosstalk between each other, clean power supply is the basis of good sound.
  • Built-in linear power supply Audio dedicated toroidal transformer

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Product description

Model: C18 Constant temper clock
Out frequency: 10MHz
Frequency accuracy: < ± 300ppb
Frequency stability: < ± 50ppb
Putput amplitude: >7dBm @50Rz
Output waveform: Sine wave and square wave output
Output impedance: 50Ω
Phase noise @1Hz(TYP): – 110dB
Short term stability (Allan devation): 8E-13
Power input: AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: <15W
Fuselage size: wide 220mm*high 50mm* deep 170mm (Deep without protrusion)
Package size: wide 285mm*high 85mm*deep 270mm
Weight: 2.5Kg (Including packaging)


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