DD TC35 USB Type-C To 3.5mm Portable Headphone Amplifier Dongle

With a 114dB SNR and -98dB distortion
USB Type-C&USB2.0 High-Speed
Supports UAC1.0/2.0/3.0 protocol
Supports parts of the in-line remote control(CTIA)
Such as volume adjustment,play and pause,previous and next track
Detects earphone automatically
Supports phone call(requires the phone to support this function)
Low power consumption

Note:The in-line remote control is only applicable to CTIA standard earphons
The supported functions vary with the phone,some may only support play and pause
The phone call function vary with the phone

Windows Driver download:
Extraction code:de3q

Use Notes:

1. Insert type C interface for mobile phone use, to ensure that the mobile phone supports USB output audio, generally no headphone holes are supported by mobile phones.

2. Used as a USB decoder with adapter or directly inserted into computer, Windows system needs to install driver. Apple OS doesn’t need a driver.

3. If the mobile phone is some models of oppo, vivo and one plus brand, if the wires are not recognized as headphones after insertion, it is necessary to find OTG switch in the settings and turn it on for reuse.

4. If you use FiiO Player, or FiiO Music APP, you need to first find the USB output in the settings of APP, and then turn this function off.

5. Transfer wiring supports the full-line control function of some equipment and must be CTIA standard. For example, Xiaomi、Huawei、Apple Macbook, iPad pro and so on, some devices only support playback pause or volume addition and subtraction functions, because the protocol standards of the mobile phone itself are inconsistent, which is a normal phenomenon, this product can not be compatible with all mobile phones or devices’line control functions.

6. Supporting part of the mobile phone to connect the wire-controlled headset with mic to make telephone calls. And must be CTIA standard wire-controlled headphones.

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Compatible with USB Type-C devices;Throught actual tests,The TC35 is not only able to work with Type-C phones from brands such as Samsung,Huawei,OPPO,Vivo,One plus and Meizu,but also supports the new iPad Pro with USB-C and computer with USB Type-C such as the MacBook series;

Even serve as a portable USB decoder,with the provided USB-A adapter insert to your desktop computer,it can also serve as an USB decoder;

Supports audio up to 192kHz/24bit,The TC35 adopts high quality and high performance Type-C audio headset module,it can decode audio up to 192kHz/24bit sampling rates


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