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Specification of Amazfit GTR 47mm Aluminium Alloy Smartwatch

Boxtechs has been selling Best Amazfit GTR 47mm Aluminium Alloy Smartwatch in Dhaka also other places in Bangladesh by online.

  • Get ready to make a splash – The Amazfit GTR 47mm Aluminium Alloy Smartwatch comes in a classic design with a touch of modern features. It has a brilliant 1.39” AMOLED display, and a gallery of watch faces to choose from to fit any style.
  • Achieve your personal best – Take your fitness to the next level with the GTR’s GPS + GLONASS dual-mode positioning system and 12 sport modes like running, cycling, swimming, mountaineering, etc.
  • Never miss a beat – Keep an eye on your health and fitness with the Amazfit GTR that comes with an innovative BioTracker PPG sensor to accurately monitor your heart rate 24/7.
  • Live connected – Stay informed all day long with smart notifications and custom vibrations for your favorite apps like email, text, Facebook, etc.
  • Go the distance – Use the Amazfit GTR for 24 consecutive days on a single charge!

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Amazfit GTR 47mm Aluminium Alloy Smartwatch is basically a combo of fun and intelligent smartwatch with a classic posh look. The watch is designed in a more elegantly traditional way, additionally with sports and health functions coverage. It was launched on July 16, 2019, in Beijing. Huami Technology announced GTR 47 mm smartwatch to be a stylish, durable smartwatch with a long-lasting battery. No wonder it hit the global market, including Bangladesh.

Amazfit GTR


GTR smartwatch 47mm is not the only appearance oriented but also possess a plethora of health and fitness coverage. Keep a regular track of your health and fitness improvement with personal assistance GTR smartwatch.

Here you will find information about the Amazfit GTR 47mm Aluminium Alloy Smartwatch and how you can use the smart features to track your health.

Features of Amazfit GTR 47mm Aluminium Alloy Smartwatch

Talking about the specifications, Amazfit GTR 47mm has 1.39” AMOLED display, a very high pixel density, anti-finger coating, customizable look with over 100 different themes, and interchangeable bracelets. It is equipped with Gorilla Glass 3, which prevents scratching the screen. Your watch looks as good as ever. They have amazingly included reflective display technology, which will give you a better experience. The display is even outstandingly bright outdoors.

You will find two dial buttons on the right side and the heart monitoring sensor on the back of the watch. There are three versions. One of them is Aluminium alloy. The other versions are stainless steel and titanium. Aluminum alloy is hard metal and strong wear resistance, microcrystalline ceramic bezel design. In reality, it is not heavy at all.

GTR weighs only 50 grams. It is ideal for someone who wants to have a sleek and classy look yet requires sports features. It is suitable for any occasion for any gender. Its classic look with a modern touch can go with any video and event. The Amazfit GTR 47mm Aluminium Alloy Smartwatch is a complete smartwatch, perfect for all occasions. With its classic looks, advanced features, and customizable watch faces to choose from, this smartwatch will always match your personal style.

General Functions

Amazfit GTR 47mm looks after the daily functions when you don’t feel like taking out the smartphone, or maybe you are just too busy. GTR 47mm is feasible for everyday applications. Just like the other smartwatches, 47 mm Amazfit, allows text notifications, social media notifications, reminders, weather forecast, compass, music, outgoing and receiving calls, message reminders. It is of excellent convenience in day to day life to stay connected always and never miss a thing. Changing the track while listening to music has never been easier. One can simply change the tack from the wrist while you are occupied with other chores.

amazfit gtr

Fitness tracking of Amazfit GTR 47mm smartwatch

Always stay on top of the game with 12 sport modes. isn’t it fantastic to have a separate mode for different sports and themes?

Amazfit GTR has EGC from the fitness section to maintain long battery life and compactness. The science behind this is that chip processor which are mandatory for supporting eSIM and ECG monitoring, makes the structure bulky and thick. However, it still supports heart rate monitoring for 24/7, BioTracker PPG, and analysis of sleep patterns. Abnormal heart rate warning. Sedentary reminders, comprehensive view on your heart behavior are some of the health assisting features.

What’s more, it can perfectly complement your outdoor or indoor training such as running, cycling, gymming whatever you like. When you are recording any activity, you have the freedom to pause and quit. After syncing with the app, The pap will display the graphs and statistics of your progress.

Long-lasting Battery

In terms of battery life, Amazfit has even beat well-known brands like Apple and Samsung. A worn-out battery, even with perfect configuration, is no good. When you get accustomed to using the smartwatch, you are dependant on it 24 hours. Amazfit goes strong for 24 consecutive days on a single charge. Battery life is one of the highlights of the Amazfit GTR 47mm smartwatch.

Sports Features

The Amazfit GTR 47mm Aluminium Alloy Smartwatch enables pressure sensors. Which is useful during mountaineering and other extreme adventurous sports because it accurately records changes in altitude. It supports GPS+GLONASS binary positioning, precise recording of distance traveled. Occupied with 12 sports mode, it offers comprehensive motion analysis that meets the requirements of the basic sport

A supportive 5ATM waterproof functionality it not only supports swimming up to 50 meters deep but also automatically recognizes the swimming strokes is fantastic. Be it whichever sports it has detailed tracking facilities for different sports. Additionally,

Operating system

Amazfit GTR does not run on the android system. You have the option to download more watch ace from the Amazfit app. It does not support a third-party app.

Buttons and switches

  • Power on /off – press the top button once for a few seconds.
  • Shut down/Reboot- Long pressing the top button will display shut down reboot options.
  • The lower button is for customizing the features.

You can have it on do not disturb mode or battery saving mode. Adding a watch face from the app is quite time-consuming. Sync with the app to transfer the watch face.

Limitations of Amazfit GTR 47mm Aluminium Alloy Smartwatch

Of course, there are some limitations and drawbacks. For example, the Amazfit GTR 47mm smartwatch does not allow reply to texts and phone calls. The watch face in the app is all you got. Since it does not allow any third-party app, you have to work with what you have got.

Still, Huami technology excels at delivering durable devices with features that can not be usually found in the same price range.GTR smartwatch has covered many of the features already.


To wrap it up quickly, Amazfit is a reliable source of smart wearables. Huami is a California based company that occupies 16 % of the global market share. Apart from Apple. It is on top of the game in terms of smartwatches. Amazfit lacks proper OS, but the lower power consumption made the GTR smartwatch really popular, especially in Bangladesh. It is both polished an active under one hood.


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