Brand: G.K
Color : SKS,Blue
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Form Factor: In-Ear
Noise Control: Sound Isolation

৳ 3,300.00

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  • KZ SKS Hybrid TWS Earphone’s built-in 10mm polymer composite diaphragm brings a wide stereo field, 30019 moving iron supplements high-frequency ductility, AAC high-definition audio code analysis is outstanding, through electronic crossover precision adjustment, making the listening feel delicate and warm, Three-frequency equalization for better in-ear monitor effect.
  • The cavity designed according to the shape of the inner auricle completely fits the ear canal, effectively isolating part of the external noise, so as to achieve the effect of passive noise reduction. Wearing SKS and adjusting to a comfortable state, the volume of about 22% is enough to enjoy music clearly.
  • The new generation Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.2 connection technology is adopted to reduce power consumption and increase the use time. Compared with the previous generation Bluetooth 5.0, the transmission efficiency is faster and the distance is longer,and ultra-low latency is achieved.
  • Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.2 stabilizes the connection, improves the radio frequency performance, and transmits faster and farther. Long battery life, the portable charging compartment provides about 8 additional battery life. High-performance mode to enjoy near-zero latency game & video experience.
  • Single and dual ears can be switched freely, and the left and right earphones can be used independently, without being restricted by the main and the auxiliary. Take out and put on any earphone,it is convenient to use the monaural mode; take out and put on the other earphone, it will automatically restore the binaural mode without additional operation.


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