Topping D10s

Topping D10s

৳ 9,500

  • D10s is compatible with 16-32bit/44.1-384kHz and DSD64-DSD256
  • D10s uses XMOS XU208 for USB interface and uses customized driver which from Thesycon for better compatibility with high resolution audio file especially DSD native.
  • Even some USB port support power after PC has shut down, D10s still will synchronously power on /off with PC.
  • D10s can accurately indicate the audio format (PCM or DSD) and sampling rate of the playing music. Orange LED is soft and not dazzling even at night.
  • D10s has OP amp socket, DIYer could change the OP amp to get different sound.


Connect to active speakers:
Connect D10s to your active speakers. D10s provides not only DSD and higher-specification PCM compatibility but also a better sound quality than your computer’s built-in sound card or a regular DAC.

Connect to power/headphone amp
You can connect line out of D10s to the input of your ampifier/headphone amplifier, to make D10s to be one part of your HiFi system. D10s will greatly improve sound quality in the case of playing high resolution files.

Measured: 10.3cmx 14.6cm x 3.7cm
Weight: 323g
Power input: DC5V / 0.5A(USB power supply )
Colour: Black/Silver
Input: USB
Display: Customized digital tube
44.1kHz- 384kHz/16Bit-32Bit
44.1kHz- 192kHz/16Bit- 24Bit
DSD64 (Dop)

D10s decoding specification(LineOut/USB In@96kHz)
THD+N @1kHz A-wt: <0.0002%
SNR @1kHz A-wt: 120dB
Dynamic Range @1kHz A-wt: 120dB
Frequency Response:
20Hz-20kHz(+0.1dB), 20Hz-40kHz(+0.4dB)
Output Level: 2Vrms @0dBFS
Noise @A-wt: <2.5uVrms
Channel Crosstalk @1kHz: -135dB
Channel Balance: <0.02dB
Output Impedance:20Ω


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