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MI Band 4


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Features of Xiaomi mi band 4

Xiaomi mi band 4 recognizes of smartphones and smart wearables are extremely popular in Bangladesh. The actor behind the popularity is their cost-effective price and updated features in the gadgets. Mi band 4 is one of the many super hit products in Bangladesh.

  • Xiaomi mi band 4’s Color Screen: Bigger screen displays a comprehensive and obvious activity information; Simply lift your wrist to view directly the time and tap the button for steps, heart rate and other activity information; Also it can not only remind you via vibrating when your phone receives calls, messages or other notifications such as from Facebook, Twitter, or WeChat, but also displays details on the screen directly, such as readable content of massage and name or ID of the caller, etc.
  • Upgrade 135mAh Battery Capacity: With built-in 135mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery, long battery life, charge it once, the battery will last for over 20 days under normal use; With a skin-friendly strap made from soft thermoplastic elastomer, and a secure locking mechanism that makes the Mi Band 4 comfortable to wear during low and high intensity activities.
  • Waterproof Xiaomi mi band 4: 50M Waterproof Rating, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can work well 50m underwater, which can fulfill all your daily routines, whether you are surfing, swimming or running in the rain; 5ATM (Swim or Shower in not-hot water), showing swimming time, speed, distance, calories, and other data.
  • Heart Rate Monitor and Sleep Monitor: You can check the dynamic curve chart of your heart rate throughout the day on the App by analyzing the data thoroughly such as sleep time, sleep depth and sleep awakening, driving to improve sleep quality

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Xiaomi mi band 4 price in bd recognizes of smartphones and smart wearables are extremely popular in Bangladesh. The actor behind the popularity is their cost-effective price and updated features in the gadgets. Mi band 4 is one of the many super hit products in Bangladesh.
Mi Band series dominate the smart wearable segment of the global market. You won’t find other brands as Xiaomi with the latest features at an affordable rate. And Now Mi Band 4 is on the of the trendy fashion. The fitness band stands out particularly for the upgrades that are absent in the other smart bands.
You might have already heard of Mi band 4 and want to know more about the performance and functionalities, we have got it all covered in this content.

Design and appearance of Xiaomi mi band 4 price in bd

Display of Xiaomi mi band 4 price in bd

Mi Band 4 is as sophisticated as any other mi bands. Xiaomi mi band 4 price in bd claims that it is the first among the smart wearable series to have a 0.95-inch full-colored AMOLED screen with a relatively higher resolution of 240 x 120. The display is vibrant, responsive and is excellent even under the sunlight. And it will lower the brightness by itself after the sunset. The screen is larger than Band 3, yet, band 4 weighs only 22g.

The appearance of Mi band 4

Appearance-wise, Band 4 is indistinguishable from the previous model fitness bands from Miseries. It almost looks the same at first glance, but when you look closely, there are indeed some subtle changes.
Customizable watch faces – The color display allows customizable smartwatch faces. Switching the watch face is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is select a watch face that matches your taste. After selecting your favorite watch face, hit the sync button and it will automatically show up in the display.
You will find that some of the watch faces are similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fit series. In spite of that, there are a plethora of options that will suit your taste.

Sensors and resistance technology Xiaomi mi band 4 bd

The display is equipped with an anti-fingerprint coating to prevent scratching and smudging. At the back, just below the heart rate sensor, the magnetic embrace the charging cradle.

Comfortable straps

The silicone strap may not appeal to everyone, but it is comfortable as any band should be. There are plenty of options available online and offline if you want to switch to an alternative from the silicone band. Overall, the strap is comfortable to wear every day and won’t leave you any marks.

The battery life of Xiaomi Mi band 4

Battery life is the same as Band 3. You will get through 2 weeks with a single charging.
Workout tracking and other features
Like all the exclusive fitness bands, Xiaomi mi band 4 price in bd to possess all the sports and workout tracking. Better sleeping insights, constant heart rate monitoring, automatic heart detection sync all the health statistics with Mi Band 4 on google fit. It is crucial to remember detecting the heart rate and sleep insights while sleeping may drain the battery life.

Sedentary reminders

The sedentary reminder is quite useful. This means it will remind you to get some walks or exercise when you remain inactive for too long. You can customize the vibration pattern as well, so you don’t even need to look at the screen you will already know.

Sleep monitoring

There is an exciting feature of sleep detection that is capable of identifying deep and light sleep. It will give you a score out of 100 based on your sleep performance. Isn’t it fantastic?

Heart rate monitoring

Heart rate supports constant monitoring, but you can choose to set it for the interval for detection at any flexible pattern. For example, if you set the range for 10 minutes, you can create another reminder that will vibrate when you hit it over 100.

Easy operation

By swiping up, the unread notifications, weather, heart rate reading, health stats will be manually displayed. Xiaomi mi band 4 has provided additional workouts in the activity tracking.

Swimming mode

50-meter water resistance is ideal for swimming scenes. While swimming, it can recognize the various strokes as well as to measure the stroke rate and pace, calories burned, distance covered. They might seem very basic, but that’s what smart wearables are for. It is capable of identifying five different swimming styles.

Others features

There is a new feature that automatically locks the band when you take it off from the wrist. While working out, it is better to increase the detection frequency in order to produce accurate data. It can host a treadmill, running, cycling, weight training and the obvious option of swimming. You will also come across activities like skipping, table tennis, etc.

Other evident qualities of Band 4 are displacing the notifications, reminders, messages and allowing calls, music controlling. If there is a particular app you won’t want to receive notification or reminder from, you have the freedom to turn it off on the band.

Final Thoughts on Xiaomi mi band 4 price in BD

Xiaomi mi band 4 price in bd is of great money value based on performance, although it has drawbacks like any other gadgets in the market. Some online reviews say that the charging cradle is finicky, prone to getting lost easily. Some complained that the cable is too long.
It might not give you precise distance tracking because it does not have an integrated GPS system.

However, you can tackle the problem with GPS solution if you don’t mind bringing your phone along. Also, the touch function of the display and buttons do not work underwater.
Mi Band 4 can be linked with Mi fit, and GOogle fits both. Google fit is a bonus for the fans. Mi fit shows the new watch face and changes in the settings. It records and backs up the data on fitness and sleep patterns.

The redesigned interface is simplified and easy to navigate. Syncing with the Google fit will let you check daily activity data and heart rate monitoring. The display actually wakes up when you raise your arm to your face. You can program this setting in the day time so you won’t have trouble sleeping during the night.


Looking at the number of customization options Xiamo featured in Band 4, there is no doubt why it is the best Looking at the number of customization options Xiaomi mi band 4 featured in Band 4, there is no doubt why it is the Best Xiaomi mi band 4 price in BD price in Bangladesh.


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