DD HiFi TC35i 3.5mm to Lightning Adapter

DD HiFi TC35i 3.5mm to Lightning Adapter

৳ 3,500

  • A Convenient Adapter or Converter for You. DD HIFI TC35i is designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod. With this you no longer need to worry about how to use your usual 3.5mm plug HiFi earphones with your device. Simply get this gadget and it will solve all the problem. Please note it will only work for iOS 10 or newer system
  • Support Many Functions of the Earphone. Even with this converter, you are able to use the functions of your line-controlled earphones, such as play/pause/answer the call/adjust the volume/next song/previous song…It will keep the functions as original, so no worries about losing the functions. Functionality is ensured here
  • Supreme Metal Case. Continuing the exquisite technique from DD HiFi, TC35i not only maintains the compact and lightweight design, but also adopting the metal case which is not either polished or electroplated but only with it’s raw material shine and pattern on it. You can even see the cut texture on the surface and that’s what we call rough beauty
  • High Quality Material. This product adopts the medical-grade stainless steel, the 316 austenitic stainless steel. It’s the same material as iPhone 11 Pro. This material is durable and anti-scratch. The simple streamline displays the art of industrial design in practical field. It’s small but powerful and useful, a nice to try and a necessity to have
  • User-friendly Gadget. What’s your expectation for an ideal adapter? It should be at least compact and cool enough to attract you to use it more often. DD HiFi knows your need and here you can enjoy our lightweight and compact adapter anytime anywhere

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  • Supports in-line remote controls on your earphone with Play and Pause, microphone, volume adjustments and track selection, etc.
  • Metallic feeling just as it is :Not polished nor galvanized, every single unit comes with its own cutting lines.
  • This adapter lets you connect devices that use a 3.5mm audio plug to your IOS devices.
  • Works with all devices that have a IOS connector and support IOS 10 or later.


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