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    • Infinity Floating Technology (IFT) It is derived from the suspension vibration technology of the car, which can realize the all-round suspension of the cutter head, which is smoother, more fit and more precise.
    • Key Of The Way To Shaving Smooth and Clean Hard and hard but sensitive skin, manual shaving, most electric shavers are sharp but have no skin protection system, and the skin is prone to various discomforts.
    • SOOCAS innovative IFT suspension floating technology enables the knives to float in all directions, even in uneven conditions, and the unique elastic experience greatly reduces facial pressure, making the whole process comfortable and smooth.
    • Ultra-soft Comfort Ring Lighter Veneer Knife net innovation combined with high-precision technical components, the overall weight is reduced, the flexibility is better, each group of knife nets distributes the pressure evenly, keeps the independent floating unaffected, enjoys the soft breeze and softness
    • 360° Veneer To Accurately Capture The Contour The cutter head can be floated independently in 9 directions. The angle is automatically adjusted according to the facial curve. The 360deg veneer quickly sweeps the beard. The beard in the difficult-to-shave area can also be easily captured. The real net must be zero dead angle.

    Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS S3 3D Electric Razor

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