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    • Shanling M0 utilizes touch screen from LG,offering bright colors and precise control,1.54” display 240*240 resolution
    • Shanling M0 is equipped with two way Bluetooth 4.1,it can stream music to Bluetooth speakers and headphones,but also receive signal from your phone or other sources
    • Shanling M0: Built-in ESS ES9218P chip for high-quality music experience
    • Shanling M0 is certified by the Japan Audio Association for High-Resolution Audio performance and it is the smallest player to receive such certification
    • With unibody construction,elegant curved design and selection of rich colors,M0 will easily fit along any style

    Shanling M0 Hi-Res Portable Music Player

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    • Advanced bluetooth BT4.2 plan.
    • High value of stereo transmission.
    • Support APT-X-ray transmission.
    • 24 hours of continuous playback.
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    • High-power amp chip MAX972-20A, with 3.5mm headphone port, push the impedance of 30 to 300Ω headphones
    • Use the latest decoder chip AK-4452 from AKM company, this 32-bit DAC decoder chip with low low distortion (THD+N–107 dB), large dynamic range and excellent SNR (115dB), the internal design with AKM’s Velvet Sound architecture.
    • Three core digital audio professional processor: 32-bit RISC Processor+dual DSP digital audio processing unit, decoding 192k/32bit high quality music perfectly.
    • Support WAV / FLAC / APE / AAC / MP3 / WMA / multiple formats.
    • Mobile hard disk support up to 2T, SD card support up to 64G, the number of track scans can reach 1000. Support CUE lossless playback.
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    • Upgrade version of SMSL M8. Upgrade DAC chipset to ES9028Q2M from ESS.
    • USB Receive Chipset: I am using the new XMOS-XCroe 200 Xu208.
    • PCM sampling rate: maximum 768 kHz, DSD 512. It supports customized driver, Native DSD.
    • Ultra low clock jitter independent as a clock system is used, and ultra low phase noise crystal is used as an audio clock.
    • Power supply design of audio file by couple of ultralow noise LDO to get the best performance. Humanized operation, sound style, digital filter itself can be set, automatic memory setting is possible.
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    • HiFi Decoder SMSL SU-8 2ES9038Q2M USB PCM32 768kHz DSD64 DSD512 DSD Balance DAC Decoder.
    • ESS technology latest ES9038Q2M DAC, with the new 32-bit HyperStream II architecture, improving sound quality and DoP function.
    • 2nd generation of XMOS USB audio solution xCore200, PCM sampling rate supported up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD up to DSD512.
    • Ultra-low jitter asynchronous design and using ultra-low phase noise crystal as audio clock.
    • Every input port supported DSD streaming, coaxial and optical supported to DSD64 by DoP technology via 24bit/176.4kHz SPDIF frame.
    • There are 9 types of Sound color setting, not the digital filters, this feature using the DSP of ES9038Q2M to adjust the level of 2nd and 3rd distortion, make it sound different.
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    • Used 2 piece of DAC chips ES9038PRO, one-piece split power supply
    • D1’s clock system consists of 3 ultra-low phase noise active crystal oscillator and CPLD logic system! CPLD uses the high-speed CPLD-EPM240T100C5N manufactured by ALTERA, an American chip company under the umbrella of Intel Corporation. Its logic speed reaches 300MHz, together with excellent clock algorithms, the JTTER of the entire clock system is as low as 5ps!
    • The USB program of D1 is our new second generation XMOS program, and with the above clock system and asynchronous transmission, JITTER is extremely low! Supports PCM32-bit 768KHz and DSD64-DSD512!
    • D1’s regulated power supply circuit is specially designed by us. The use of transistors constitutes a constant current source, which has a more stable temperature characteristic than a constant current source constructed using a conventional JFET!
    • The ultra-low noise toroidal transformer ordered directly by NORATEL UK Co. Ltd. Its noise is 1/3 of an ordinary domestic transformer, however the efficiency is 1.3 times of a domestic transformer. At the same time, it uses a potting technology to make it less vibration, fixed better, longer life!
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    • Direct digital audio data transfer from Android 4.0 or above cellphone.
    • With PC audio decoding function, using high-performance PCM2706 chip, provides I2S interface for decoding, supports up to 16bit/48KHz digital signal.
    • Built-in a OP+BUF architecture, OCL (output capacitor-less) with Split power supply, ultra-low distortion, low noise, high-slew-rate for analog signal.
    • One 2-Setting Gain Switch to set GAIN according to the headphones; adopts the professional DAC chip WM8740*2.
    • 1 Bass boost ON/OFF Switch.
    • Rechargeable li-polymer battery with integrated charging system; It can charge to the cellphones with Android system.
    • Use aluminum-shielded case to prevent external interference noise.
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    • Bluetooth 5.0, aptx
    • Supports PC USB DAC,and can be used immediately after it is plugged
    • CS8406 Digital Conversion Chip , transform the Bluetooth signal into high quality optical fiber / coaxial signal out
    • ES9018K2M DAC, which can ensure high s/n and very low distortion
    • Aluminum-shielded case,External High-gain Bluetooth Antenna
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    • Bluetooth 5.0: support a variety of high-definition Bluetooth formats: adopt Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth receiver chip, support AAC / SBC / aptX / aptX_LL / aptX_HD / LDAC format of Bluetooth audio encoding
    • CS8406 Conversion Chip: It adopts high-performance CS8406 digital audio conversion chip, and converts Bluetooth signal to high-quality optical / coaxial signal output.
    • ES9018K2M decoding chip: It adopts high-performance ES9018K2M decoding chip to provide analog signals with high S / N and low THD.
    • Compatible with PC USB DAC: Support to connect the computer as a USB sound card, plug and play, and convert it into high quality coaxial / optical / analog signal output.
    • 13-inch OLED screen displays Bluetooth information at a glance: Using the OLED screen, Bluetooth connection status, encoding format, sample rate, song name and other information can be displayed intuitively and the working status can be known at any time.

    xDuoo XQ-50Pro

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